Daylesford Pure Heat Bag


A bespoke collection of wellness products by Lake House Daylesford.

Lavender | Chamomile | Flaxseed | Buckwheat

Create an overall sense of wellbeing with this calming heat pack featuring a signature print design by local artist Fran Pidgeon.

An aromatic blend of lavender and chamomile enhances and promotes relaxation.  Apply gentle even pressure to relieve sore muscles, stress and tension. Easily moulds to soothe any area of the body.

Warming Instructions: Warm in 30 second intervals for 1-2 minutes. Be careful not to overheat.

Gentle Hand Wash: The heat pillow cover can be removed for a gentle hand wash in warm water.

Insert – Pure cotton | Heat pillowcase – Pure cotton

28cm x 14cm | 650gm

Designed and handmade in Daylesford, Australia