Alla Wolf-Tasker AM is the Culinary Director and co-proprietor, of Australia’s much loved and iconic Lake House in Daylesford. Now in its fourth decade, Lake House continues to collect accolades and awards and remains on the significant national “Best Of” listings.

Alla is herself the recipient of a myriad of ‘Contributions to Industry’ awards, has several ‘Living Legend’ awards under her belt and was made a Member of the Order of Australia for her work in the hospitality and tourism areas.

Save the Lake Daylesford geese

Thanks for all your heartfelt calls on behalf of the Lake Daylesford geese. We also love this flock that has flourished here over three decades. The local council has voted to remove all of them despite huge consternation amongst our community.

Removal of geese breeding and living in the environs of a manmade lake for many, many decades. In a nutshell, NO consultation on this decision. NO science.

Just for the record – these geese have not been dumped. Their forebears two decades and more ago may have been – but they have been happily breeding ever since – well-fed by locals and visitors alike. They are intelligent birds and the flock now do a great job as parents. There are also now two or three generations of children that have looked forward to feeding the Lake Daylesford geese as part of their visits here. The “white flotilla” gets regularly photographed by both locals and visitors.

The geese coexist happily with the wild ducks, mixed-breed domestic/wild ducks and swamp hens. The seasonally visiting blue herons and white egrets are not perturbed by them when they come to fish for yabby and Redfin. The demise of the few black swans we have had on the lake is part of another longer story I’m happy to share, but it has nothing to do with these geese.

One of the images below is of a sign we erected in our car park some thirty years ago to alert city drivers entering our car park that this is country and the waterfowl from the lake and its environs DO roam free. In France and much of Europe, wandering flocks of geese are often a feature of small country villages.

In fact, signs will often warn motorists that they might encounter a flock crossing the road. There are also signs that explain their territorial and protective behaviour especially at nesting time (what a good idea!). It’s part of country life much as it has become here over the decades.

Respect should be paid to them as well as pedestrians. We’ve never ever had any issues.

I need to thank the rapid response of our local community to this issue of Council voting to remove the Lake Daylesford geese. It’s a wonderful thing to see such engagement and fierce determination to protect the character and nature of the place we have all chosen to work and live in.

A huge shout out to friends, industry colleagues, local suppliers and producers, media and above all our own wonderful Lake House guests who love this flock of birds that has flourished here over at least three decades as much as we do and who have offered support through social media, emails, and phone calls. Thank you so much.

Let’s hope we don’t continue to lose much more of it in a race to urbanise. If you wish to contribute, please do by signing the petition here: change.org/p/hepburn-shire-council-save-our-lake-daylesford-geese

Please show your support. Thank you again, everyone.


Winter 2019 – We’re so very pleased to announce …….

After months of development and anticipation, I’m over the moon to announce the birth of Dairy Flat Farm, our own 38 acre regenerative growing facility 8 minutes down the road from Lake House. Much, including the Lodge, a baking facility and farm workshops are still in development. But 5 acres of dedicated newly developed vegetable gardens, barn, 3 hoop houses, a glass house; a planted orchard of 300 trees; an existing repaired olive grove of 200 trees and a similarly attended to two-and-a-half-acre vineyard are now all up and flourishing. Most importantly we now have our own pristine and freshly picked produce coming in on a daily basis which we are delighted to share with you.

We are not forgetting our local community of growers and farmers with whom we’ve forged relationships with over decades. You’ll find them listed over the page. Our Dairy Flat Farm will now serve to supplement what they are able to provide, as well as allow us to experiment with growing rare and interesting things. Some of these you’ll already find on our menus. New season produce is on its way also. But, after many years, my learnings are that there are no rules. Seasonal expectations can never be governed by the calendar. Mother Nature walks entirely to the beat of her own drum and delivers (or not) when she is good and ready. We’ve now joined the ranks of those who have to deal with this most capricious of mistresses on a daily basis.


Some of Alla's Awards

  • Member of the Order of Australia

    ‘Legend’ – Good Food Guide

    Outstanding Contribution to Australian Food – The delicious. Produce Awards

    Outstanding Contributions to Hospitality – Gourmet Traveller

    Outstanding Contributions to Hospitality – RCA

    Living Legend – Melbourne Food & Wine

    Legend of the Industry – The Foodservice Awards

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