Dairy Flat Farm by Lake House

Dairy Flat Farm Daylesford  is our own 38 acre regenerative growing facility 10 minutes down the road from Lake House.

So far the property includes five acres of dedicated newly developed vegetable gardens, a working barn for future classes and workshops, 3 hoop houses, a glass house; an orchard of 300 trees; an existing rejuvenated olive grove and a similarly attended to two and a half acre vineyard are now up and flourishing.

As a result we now have our own pristine and freshly picked produce coming into the Lake House kitchens on a daily basis.

We are not forgetting our local community of growers and farmers some of whom we’ve forged relationships with over decades. You’ll still find them noted throughout our menus when you dine. But we’ve always had to supplement what they’ve been able to provide. Dairy Flat Farm Daylesford will now serve that purpose, as well as allowing us to experiment with rare and interesting varietals for our menus.

We also have our eye on the opportunity to do far more preserving and fermentation with excess produce. An extensive cellaring space on The Farm will be stocked soon enough we’re sure!

The bake house
at Dairy Flat Farm

  • Located in the old tunnel and cellar at Dairy Flat, the bake house opens to the ornamental gardens and is dedicated to slow fermented sourdough and associated viennoiserie.

Driving this dream of proper slow fermented breads is the desire to fly in the face of industrialised bread production and to support the growers and millers of small local grain economies. In the process, the local community has gained added access to good bread. The mission was to supply guests of Lake House and the Lodge at Dairy Flat with not only the best, but also with product whose provenance is always known.

The Bake House is only open to guests staying at Dairy Flat Lodge, although you can find our beautiful sourdough in Daylesford: 

Devotees of our daily bake pick up at Wombat Hill House 5 days a week from 9am Friday – Tuesday.

Our stall at the Sunday Market Daylesford is also fully stocked each week ( although the team often sell out fast).

Of course in house guests at Lake House will be treated to a selection from the daily bake each morning at breakfast and throughout lunch or dinner in the Restaurant.