Single Estate Olive Oil


Dairy Flat by Lake House
Single Estate Olive Oil – Limited Edition

2023 Harvest – Pressed from Coratina, Correggiola & Picual Olives at Dairy Flat Farm, Daylesford.

Each season we assess the bounty from our 300+ tree olive grove and save only the best fruit for a Single Estate Extra Virgin Olive Oil.

It’s a true reflection of the season and the region, a snapshot if you will.

Our olive grove at Dairy Flat is cultivated using organic methods to achieve a product that is not only delicious but good for you.

Harvested in mid July 2023 at time for peak flavour opportunity, the result is this unique, small batch single estate version of our popular Olive Oil.

This oil is popular with our spa crew as a shot or spoonful daily – working wonders for your mind, body and soul. It also goes well with leafy greens and summer’s best tomatoes.

$39.95 until sold out.
250ml reusable, black opaque glass bottle.

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