Seasonal Candle Giftbox


Seasonal candles inspired by Dairy Flat, our regenerative farm – a productive herb & vegetable garden, a newly planted orchard of apples, pears, stone fruit, quince and medlar; a vineyard dedicated to cool-climate pinot noir and chardonnay, an established olive grove and ornamental hedgerow gardens.

Four unique scents have been crafted to reflect our Dairy Flat.

Country Rose & Pear – in the summer, our farm bursts with vibrant energy and lush abundance. As the roses bloom and the pears ripen, we indulge in the bounty of our orchards.

Wild Fig & Farm Herbs – Autumn sees us leisurely walking through our productive herb & vegetable garden with the comforting aroma of freshly picked herbs.

Sweet Woodsmoke – Winter evenings are warmed by crackling fires by the jacuzzi. A reminder of the cosy moments shared around the firepit while we tend to our olive groves.

Gardenia Blossom – with the arrival of Spring, our fields burst with fragrant florals, signalling the onset of warmer days.

Through these scents, we invite you to experience the rhythm of life on Dairy Flat Farm, where each season brings its own unique activities and bountiful produce.

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