Limited Edition Rose Gin for Dairy Flat Farm Daylesford


Rose is elegant, expressive of love amongst other well-being benefits.
Summer 2023 saw roses bloom in abundance across our region, varieties including Camp David, Papa Meilland, Dark Desire, Oklahoma and Firefighter were gathered and used in this Limited-Edition 2023 Rose Gin.

It turns out distillation of rose petals is complicated indeed. Tasked with months of trial and error our distiller finally mastered the process.

The final product combines lush fragrant petals, citrus and mint. It has a beautiful pale pink hue that lands perfectly in a chilled martini glass – or poured over ice with a splash of soda.

Our signature cocktail at Lake House designed by Niccolo is the Rose Mama – an elegant drink that will leave a light flush on the cheeks and warmth in your heart.

A limited edition 250 hand-numbered bottles.

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