Rasayana Detox Body Blend


The essential oils of Limbu, Tulasi and Wild Turmeric refresh, detoxify and improve skin tone. The blend has a fresh, citrus energising aroma with a spicy undertone. It is beneficial for reducing the appearance of cellulite and toning the body.

The energising nature of this blend makes it the ideal morning ritual Tulasi or ‘Holy’ Basil is considered a sacred plant in India and a potent adaptogen which is said to bring clarity and harmony to the senses. A powerful purifier that cleanses, strengthens, energises and provides warmth to the skin.

The delicious aroma of Limbu (Indian Lime) is instantly uplifting and reviving to the senses. Being astringent in nature, Limbu is an effective cleanser whilst it works to tone and rejuvenate the skin.

The unique cleansing and purifying qualities of Wild Tumeric make it beneficial for oily skin, as well as being toning in its properties and a powerful anti-inflammatory.