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Lake House Daylesford proprietor and national delicious. mag produce awards judge

The Fermentary

Sharon Flynn and Roger Fowler produce a range of milk and water kefirs, kimchi and krauts using time-honoured, slow fermented techniques. Their “cellar door” is now in Fairfield but, having made their start in our region, we claim them as our own. Our guests at Lake House love the fig and ginger kefir, and their smoky jalapeno kraut is outstanding.


Sommerlad Chickens

We know of the benefits of free-range chooks. But the breeds of meat chickens traditionally grown in Australia often have riot been bred to cope with, and thrive in true free-range pasture-rearing environments. Enter Sommerlad chickens, a unique slow-growing new breed. They are processed at 13 to 14 weeks and have a rich flavour and texture. At Milking Yard Farm, down the road from Lake House, they roam in forested areas and graze on wild grubs, seeds, grits, and organic feed.


Snowy River Station Succulents

Years ago, for me, any coastal excursion V1185 an opportunity to do foraging for seashore succulents and seaweeds. Samphire was a real prize, adding saltiness and ocean flavour to dishes on our menus. Andrew French has since arrived with his left-field solution for the salt-damaged portion of his grazing property in East Gippsland. Andrew is one of only a handful of farmers in the world cultivating samphire.


Holy Goat La Luna

Two years ago when I last cooked in NYC, I took with me a terrific local organic cheese that even had jaded New Yorkers talking. Consistent winner of major awards and now a permanent member of various halls of fame, La Luna remains the brilliant flagship cheese of the Holy Goat enterprise.


Yarra Valley Caviar

Yarra Valley freshwater aquaculture farm takes a natural approach to rearing and milking its Atlantic salmon — refusing to use antibiotics or chemicals. Its fish are given plenty of space to swim, are milked by hand, and are then gently returned to their ponds in the pristine waters of the Victorian Alps of the Yarra Valley ranges. The result is a global-standard product both in quality, best practice and sustainability.




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