Sleep Support Wellness Program Kit


Bliss Blend 25ml | Pure Rose Hydrosol 50ml | Sleep Easy Nasya Oil 15ml | Facial Blend 10ml | Blissful Sleep Inhalation Patch x 10

Quiet the mind, reset the circadian rhythms, and relax into a deep restful sleep with this specialised program prescription. 

One of the founder’s most loved formulas, and originally prescribed in her clinic in the 1990s, is our  Facial Blend. This skin rejuvenating and cell renewing serum can also be used as an effective tool against anxiety, emotional imbalance, and sleep. 

The active ingredient of Mogra and the unique quality of Pure Indian Rose Hydrosolwork in harmony through the olfactory system to send chemical messengers almost instantaneously. 

Our Bliss Blend includes the active ingredients of Mogra, coupled with Kashmir Lavender, Kewda (known as the dream oil), and Jatamansi, which are known to ground and balance Vata (Air & Ether energy). 

This imbalance is often the source of restless sleep, and where the Sleep Easy Nasya Oil can be most beneficial.

The newly developed Blissful Sleep Inhalation Patches carry the same active aromas on a self-adhering patch, which slowly release the aromatics over a few hours. 

This elegant and gently floral aromatherapy system comes complete with an easy step-by-step guide for optimum at home results.