Introduction to Beekeeping | Saturday 23rd October | 11am – 4pm


Saturday 23rd October 11am - 4pm

An immersive beekeeping experience for individuals keen to learn about the Art of Beekeeping and every aspect of hive care and management.

This class will take you from hive set up and placement, through to hive caretaking as well as helping you navigate rules and regulations, pest and disease management, understanding the inner workings of the hive and behaviours of the honeybee and so much more. Delve into the more complex aspects of beekeeping.

Learn through hands-on experience and boundless knowledge of your Host Dan the Bee Man who has decades of experience in the world of Beekeeping and Hive Caretaking.

Please join us if you are intrigued and want to learn more amazing facts and add to your knowledge and understanding of the humble yet incredible Honeybee.

Please note: Working with open hives is weather-dependent.

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