Hand Carved Wooden Spoons


Peter Trott is a creative carpenter and woodsman who carves spoons from his bush studio in Lauriston. Using locally sourced sustainable wood, all timber is selected and cut from the source by Peter himself. Splitting and hand carving his spoons using original Swedish methods with a carving axe and knives, Peter’s spoons all feature the carving knife faucets of their creator making each spoon unique in its character.


All Von Trott spoons are carved by hand using sustainably sourced green timber. Spoons are food safe and polished using coconut oil to maintain colour.

Blackwood Spoon
Carved from Blackwood sourced from the Otways, selected for its rich dark colour and chatoyance – a reflective flare in the wood grain.

Sycamore Spoon

Carved from Daylesford Sycamore used for its dense creamy timber and light honey like tone.

Note: spoons are slightly larger than a standard teaspoon and measure approximately 175mm long.