Daylesford Pure Gift Pack


A bespoke collection of wellness products by Lake House Daylesford. Embark on a truly sensorial experience with our pampering limited-edition gifts, made with the finest ingredients.

This gift pack includes:

• Daylesford Pure Wild Bush Rose Bath Soak– Australian Pink Clay | Wild Bush Rose (500g)
• Daylesford Pure Cool & Calm Herbal Body Buff – Peppermint | Lemon Balm | Bush Iris (500g)
• Daylesford Pure Simply Magic Face & Body Mask– Australian White Clay | Sandalwood | Cedarwood (500g)
• Daylesford Pure Hero Calming Balm – Lavender | Sage | Chamomile (500g)
• Daylesford Pure Eye Pillow– Lavender | Chamomile | Flaxseed | Buckwheat
Daylesford Pure Bergamot Hand Sanitiser – Pure Ethyl Alcohol | Distilled Water | Essential Oils and Fragrance Oil Blend (250ml)