Daylesford Pure Simply Magic Ritual Kit


All the magic your skin needs, dive into this purifying ritual and re-emerge refreshed, polished and grateful for the time out and self-care.

This gift set contains:

Daylesford Pure Simply Magic Face & Body Mask – Australian White Clay | Sandalwood | Cedarwood
• Nude silicone mask mixing bowl
• Mini mask application brush

Anti Inflammatory | Nourishing | Promotes Detoxification

Instructions: Scoop a spoonfull of Daylesford Pure Simply Magic Mask powder into the bowl, adding a small amount of water at a time, just enough to form a paste. Use the brush to stir until a the consistancy allows the clay to ‘cling’ to the side of the silicone bowl. Apply on your face or body and leave on for 10-15mins whilst the warming oils boost circulation. Remove with a warm compress or rinse in the shower to expose hydrated, softer and brighter skin.