Dairy Flat

Dairy Flat

Dairy Flat, a regenerative farm following organic practises includes almost 40 picturesque acres, a productive herb & vegetable garden that already supplies the multi award-winning Lake House kitchens, a newly planted orchard of apples, pears, stone fruit, quince and medlar; a vineyard dedicated to cool-climate pinot noir and chardonnay, an established olive grove, ornamental hedgerow gardens, a bake house dedicated to slow-fermented sourdough and a concierge-serviced private Lodge for up to 12 guests.

Events and Learning at Dairy Flat Farm Terms & Conditions:

  • All events are subject to availability.
  • Tickets are non-refundable and not transferable to other classes.
  • Please note the location details on the ticket – 238 Dairy Flat Road Musk. This is private property only accessible to guests with a reservation or ticket to a workshop.


  • The bake house at Dairy Flat specialises in slow-fermented sourdough, croissants, doughnuts, and more. We use flour from local small scale growers and millers that are GMO-free. We are unable to service gluten-free requests as contamination of trace elements in a baking space is high risk.
  • The Beekeeping classes will have a non-compulsory open hive segment and protective clothing will be provided, but participants will be working with insects that can sting and, whilst all attempts will be made to minimise that risk, no responsibility will be taken by Dairy Flat Farm or Dan The Bee Man.
  • Please note that whilst every effort is made to ensure all events continue as planned – we are subject to last-minute changes in event of unavoidable circumstances.
  • Impossibility Clause: In the event that services are impossible to fulfill due to natural disaster, state of emergency, pandemic, or similar – ticket payments will act as a credit towards future Dairy Flat events. No refunds will be issued.

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